California South Area (CASA) 2

                  Undergraduate Chapters


Beta Delta Chapter 

"The Heart of Discipline"

California State University, Long Beach

Established April 1998 

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Beta Zeta Chapter 

"The Promise Land" 

Loyola Marymount University

Established Spring 1998  



Gamma Tau Chapter 

"The Glamorous and Tantalizing:

Donde Nacen Las Estrellas"

California State University, Los Angeles

Established April 2004

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  Delta Theta Chapter 

"The Defiant and Triumphant:

The Dedicated, Oh So Motivated Souls of the West"

University of California, Santa Barbara

Established April 2006  



Delta Rho Chapter 

"The Untouchable and Unstoppable:

Where Overachievers are Born" 

University of California, Los Angeles

Established January 2008

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 Delta Phi Chapter 

"The Epiphany of Troy"

University of Southern California

Established May 2008

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Delta Omega Chapter 

"The Enchanting and Captivating:

El Corazon del Valle"

California State University, Northridge

Established March 2009 

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